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Emily Dragowsky
Hi, Carlos --

Thanks for your guidance. I missed this simply through my lack of imagination. I very much appreciate functionality of the mouse changing with mouse-over position.

I'll look over the demos now with a little more care.

~ Emily

Emily Dragowsky, Ph.D.
Advanced Research Computing -- ITS
Adjunct Associate Professor of Physics
Case Western Reserve University
(216) 368-8995

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   1. Re: Demo statistics not updating (Chrome/Win7)
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Hi Emily,

This might just be the UI that's not really well designed - I did it, so I know it's not great :) There's two ways in which you can drag the time series.

If you go here,, and you hover your mouse over the time series, your cursor should be a set of four arrows. That's for panning the time series, and it will not update the selection. However, if you hover your cursor over the *date axis* along the bottom, your cursor should turn into two arrows with a vertical crossbar along them. This is where you update the selection.

Let me know if this works. We've considered alternatives for the UI for a while, but haven't come up with anything nicer.


On Nov 22, 2013, at 11:34 AM, Emily Dragowsky <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi, everyone --
> I'm interested in providing a solution to faculty here at Case Western Reserve who have dense spatiotemporal data, and who find GIS too limiting.
> I viewed a couple of demos this morning via Chrome on Win7. The airline (ASA) and twitter demos did not update statistics when dragging the time series. I used the feature to zoom on the time series. Is there another method that I ought to apply to select data for just a portion of the full time series?
> Also, my system did not provide any category selections when I applied the shift, control or command keys along with left clicking.
> Is there more comprehensive user help for investigating the demos?
> Cheers!
> ~ Em
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> Advanced Research Computing -- ITS
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