Why the schame is not correct?

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Why the schame is not correct?

Harry Jie
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Create .dmp file from .csv file using follow:
nanocube-binning-csv           \
--sep=','                      \
--timecol='TIME'               \
--latcol='CLIENT_LATITUDE'     \
--loncol='CLIENT_LONGITUDE'    \
--catcol='NETWORKTYPE'         \
XXX.csv > XXX.dmp

There is 2 types in NETWORKTYPE, '3G' and '4G'. When I got the .dmp file, check it and there is no '4G' field valname, as below:
name: XXX.csv
encoding: binary
metadata: location__origin degrees_mercator_quadtree25
field: location nc_dim_quadtree_25
field: NETWORKTYPE nc_dim_cat_1
valname: NETWORKTYPE 0 3G
metadata: tbin 2016-07-08_22:28:56.461690_3600s
field: defaulttime nc_dim_time_2
field: count nc_var_uint_4

Could you please give me some tips?